Disrupting the World of Payments – Starling Bank

Disrupting the World of Payments – Starling Bank

By Julian Sawyer, COO, Starling Bank

Hear from Julian Sawyer at the BASDA Summit, 12 September 2017 in our keynote session:  “How dramatic change in the world of payments is revolutionising banking and how it impacts us all.”

Payments is going through unparalleled amount of change and Julian Sawyer, COO of Starling Bank, will explain these changes, put them into context for the future of banks, retailers and software industry.  He will also share his vision of payments within Starling Bank and how the Bank is challenging the industry.


Starling Bank is a digital bank seamlessly integrating banking and technology in the first mobile-only UK current account. After the financial crisis, people and technology were transformed – yet banking was left behind. Building our bank from scratch has allowed us to revolutionise the banking experience and place people and technology at our core. We are taking a stand against static banking by creating a service which can adapt to the fast-paced lives of today’s smart generation. Our app gives customers the high-tech, real-time features and 24/7/365 support they expect across their digital lives.


The UK’s Disenchanted Workforce: Vexed and Vocal Online

The UK’s Disenchanted Workforce: Vexed and Vocal Online

  • Ticking time bomb of employee opinion – younger people are more heavily influenced by the opinions of others about the best companies to work for
  • Employers need to better manage relations with leavers to attract new talent

The UK’s workforce is becoming increasingly outspoken online about dissatisfaction with employers according to our research. It reveals millennials (18 – 34 year olds) are twice as likely to share their true feelings about an existing or previous employer on the internet than their older colleagues aged 35 – 54 (41% vs. 21%).


BASDA supporting the 2017 Software Excellence Awards

BASDA are delighted to be supporting the 2017 Software Excellence Awards, which business software vendors can be part of.  The awards are part of Practice Excellence Week, AccountingWEB’s landmark festival of excellence.


Software Excellence Awards

For many years, AccountingWEB has been mapping the accounting software landscape in fine detail. The largest business software survey is now underway and open for your supporting award entries! The AccountingWEB readers are already sharing their feedback through the AccountingWEB Software Excellence Survey on the business software they use across our 13 categories:




HMRC Head of Software Developer Collaboration to speak at BASDA Summit 2017

Lee Hawksworth HMRCLee Hawksworth MSc (CCI)(Open), HMRC Head of Software Developer Collaboration will update BASDA members on Making Tax Digital at the BASDA Annual Summit on Tuesday 12th September at the Wellcome Collection, London.

Lee leads the software developer collaboration teams in one of the most transformational environments in government. His teams support 75% of HMRC’s 1.7 billion digital transactions which are completed through an API using a third party product.

Lee’s current role is right at the heart of HMRC’s Transformation Programme, delivering and operationalising HMRC’s Third Party Tax Software and API Strategy, a key enabler for ‘Making Tax Digital’.

BASDA plays a key role in working with HMRC to ensure that business software developers and their customers are at the heart of the conversation when delivering new programmes.

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Summit Keynote speakers announced: Dramatic change in the world of payments

BASDA Summit:  12th September 2017, Wellcome Collection, Euston, London

We are delighted to announce our speakers for the opening keynote session:

How dramatic change in the world of payments is revolutionising banking and how it impacts us all.

Payments is going through unparalleled amount of change and Julian Sawyer, COO of Starling Bank, will explain these changes, put them into context for the future of banks, retailers and software industry.  He will also share his vision of payments within Starling Bank and how the Bank is challenging the industry.

Richard Ransom of Bottomline Technologies will go through the likely changes to the payments landscape in the UK over the next 5 years from a Business payments perspective, from Open Banking, to the New Payment Architecture due from 2020. He will talk about the role of the Payment Systems Regulator, the Payment Strategy Forum, and the new organisations replacing Bacs, Faster Payments, Cheque and Credit Clearing, Payments UK, the BBA, Financial Fraud Action and others.


Book Now – Tuesday 12th September 2017 – BASDA Annual Summit

BASDA Annual Summit, Wellcome Collection, Tuesday 12th September 2017


BASDA Summit

BASDA Summit

This is a key networking event for all BASDA members, with the opportunity to attend the BASDA AGM.

The day will be packed with insightful sessions on the current issues relevant to BASDA members, identifying business development opportunities, technical and resource implications.

What BASDA members said about the 2016 event:

“The BASDA Summit is the perfect opportunity to find out about future developments in the industry across sectors and affords a great opportunity for networking.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend similar events in the future of BASDA members. The events were extremely well run. The speakers were of excellent quality and the networking excellent.The networking opportunity is fantastic. There are people from all types of software house – small, medium and large. Everyone is collaborative and willing to help each other; BASDA bring the event together really well.”

“The event seems to be growing year on year with bright and insightful speakers, twinned with the opportunity to network with similar and competitor vendors in a non commercial way. Its very worthwhile day to attend.”

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  • For more information, please contact Lynne Wallis, BASDA General Manager
  • For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lynne Wallis, BASDA General Manager

February Member of the Month

Our Member of the Month feature celebrates our members and the work they do. This month we’re taking a look at Clearbooks and how collaborative working has changed their perspective on competition.

PRL-ClearBooksClearbooks is a cloud accounting and payroll software vendor, based in the UK and entirely focused on the UK market. Their product features a wide range of functions such as invoicing, CIS, VAT and bank feeds. Clearbooks was founded by Tim Fouracre, who nurtured the business from its inception in 2008. Last year, Tim brought sales and marketing expert Phil Sayers on board to take the business to the next level. Phil said, “I enjoy working with smaller companies but I really like the entrepreneurial culture that you find at Clearbooks.”

Clearbooks has been a committed member of BASDA for a number of years and have recently taken on the commitment of being on the General Council. He continued to say that, “for me, there were a whole raft of reasons to re-engage [with BASDA] and do it properly, not least Making Tax Digital. As a single vendor, trying to interact with the likes of HMRC can be challenging. There’s a whole number of vendors with a common interest in making sure Making Tax Digital (MTD) can work and that they can comply with the regulations, so it makes more sense to work collectively through BASDA.”



10 Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software for Business

By Darren Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager at Clearbooks

More and more business owners are turning to cloud accounting software to manage their business’s finances. If you haven’t yet tried it yet, here are 10 ways online accounting software can help your business.

Save Time with Automation

Don’t waste time posting and chasing invoices. Cloud accounting software automatically generates invoices – as well as reminders – at regular intervals, meaning you don’t have to manually keep track of debtors. If you combine your accounting software with HR and payroll applications you can also automatically generate payslips and other HMRC documents.

Work from Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Cloud accounting software means you no longer need to worry about maintaining spreadsheets or installing a program on one machine. The cloud allows you to log in to your business’s account anywhere with an internet connection. Once you sign up, you can get started straight away.

Value for Money

Instead of paying a huge one-off fee for accounting software, with the cloud you can spread the cost by paying monthly – helping you to manage your business’s cashflow. If you do prefer to pay up front, you’ll benefit from a discount.

Up-to-date Data

Automated bank feeds allow you to keep track of your business’s balance sheet in real time. You can also view a variety of reports that give an up-to-date snapshot of your business finances. Online accounting software makes it easier to get closer to your business and gives you a clearer picture of your finances as a whole.

Keeps Your Information Secure

As your data is saved on a secure cloud server and is constantly backed up, you don’t need to worry about your data being hacked or compromised. Even if your computer crashes, everything is still saved in the cloud.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Cloud accounting software makes accounting easy for people who may not have much experience of managing financial accounts. The software is built with non-accountants in mind and help guides are available every step of the way.

Community of Fellow Business Owners

A side benefit of joining the cloud accounting software revolution is joining an instant network of fellow business owners whom you can meet and chat to via community forums and business events.

Give Access to Multiple Users and Set Permissions

If different people manage different elements of your business, it’s easy to add multiple users to your account and tailor permissions so that people with specific job roles only see what they need to.

Software Is Consistently Updated and Improved without You Having to Do Anything

Rather than having to wait for a new iteration of a program, cloud accounting software is constantly updated by in-house developers. This means that if things change (e.g. auto-enrolment or the introduction of VAT MOSS), cloud software is agile enough to keep up to date in real time. In addition, unlike desktop accounting software programs, these updates are free and included as part of your monthly subscription fee.

Collaborate Easily with Your Accountant

In the past, it was common for business owners to chat to their accountant once a year at year-end – leading to one huge pile of work. Cloud accounting software lets you share your accounts with your accountant throughout the year and work together regularly.


How to Prevent a Cyber Attack Quickly, Thoroughly and Safely

What Is the Definition of a Cyber Attack?

A cyber attack is any type of offensive manoeuvre employed by an individual, individuals or whole organisations that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks and/or personal computer devices by various means of malicious acts. They usually originate from an anonymous source that either steals, alters or destroys a specified target by hacking.

Very Informative, but What Does That Mean for Me?

Recently we have heard that personal data from banks, telecommunications and retail outlets have been cyber attacked; the misconception is that it’s only the personal account data that have been copied, or been altered, to gain financial advantage.



How Does a Cyber Attack Affect Business Advantage?

It’s called industrial espionage and it’s the covert and sometimes illegal practice of investigating competitors to gain a business advantage. No longer do spies using microfilm cameras shimmy up drainpipes in black attire. It’s carried out by a very clever band of people called hackers.

So What Do They Hack and What Do They Do with It?

The target might be a trade secret such as a proprietary product specification or formula, or information about your business plans. A hacker can gain access to all your clients, when the contracts are due for renewal, what the new annual premium will be, and what additional benefits you are planning on offering. A hacker can also find out who your customers are, what new developments you have been working on and when they will be released.

When Will You Know It’s Happened?

The answer is that you won’t, until you realise one of your service accounts has been lost to a competitor. Or your competitor has beaten you to the post with your own new product lines.

How Can I Prevent This from Happening?

BASDA member Omnext reduces software risks by looking at the source code. In the past 15 years, Omnext has built their reputation as a specialist in source code analysis. Omnext strives for healthy and future-proof technology organisations, so their mission is to give organisations more control, transparency and flexibility when it comes to their software. Click the image below for more information.




Omnext is offering a free source code check to other BASDA members – if there are no problems there is no fee, and a no-obligation quote should there be issues in the source code. So what have you got to lose? Join BASDA today for your free source code check-up! Click here to join online or call 01494 868030 for more information.